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Who We Are

We are a group of Cornell and Ithaca outdoors enthusiasts who believe that outdoor exploration as part of the college experience should be shared by one another and not turned into yet another university profit vehicle. We share our knowledge and lead trips together with others who are themselves committed to this friendly spirit.

NOTE: As of 2012, we are presently inactive with the graduation of our core.

What We Do

Simply put, we explore together, sharing costs, sharing skills, and sometimes sharing gear. We climb, backpack, ski, explore waterfalls, sleep under the stars, tie knots, attack ice with axes, and otherwise find ways of reaching the most unexpected nooks in the most interesting ways -- all while taking care with our steps to preserve these spots for the next adventurer. We expect that those who join us themselves pass on their skills as amateurs in the original meaning -- those who do a task for the love of it -- rather than as a career or job.

Our History

Some of us were formerly the more active trip leaders within the Cornell Outing Club. A takeover of that club by members of and apologists for Cornell's commercial guide service, "Cornell Outdoor Education", left that club with a leadership who rarely actually lead organized trips, and tolerate continued recruiting of its membership as they are trained by the business enterprise.

Under these circumstances, we chose to disassociate and continue to share our love of outdoor adventure under a banner that highlights peer sharing of the outdoors as a part of a friendly community of like-minded people.

We continue a century of distinguished Outing Club history at Cornell, carrying on the original banner of Outing Clubs in sharing, rather than selling the outdoors.

Our Activism

Outing clubs, and the philosophy that they represent, have been under attack for years through the growth of industrial outdoors tourism, sold through both commercial guide services and their new "non-profit" commercial cousin, the university enterprise unit. On these pages are not just our adventures, but also a repository of historical information on the continued assaults against the tradition of outing clubbing as the outdoors is increasingly monetized. Few Outing Clubs nowadays are left to conduct their historic shared exploration model in peace: some have been forcibly disbanded, others coopted by University business units. The Cornell club was even evicted from its clubhouse of 65+ years, on pretexts arranged by the guide service with the support of hired members.

We welcome dialogue from other outing clubs, and can provide resources on this wiki to outing clubs finding themselves under attack.

Our legacy is a century of shared outdoor exploration at Cornell -- our future is its preservation!

    Some Recent Trips

27 February 2010 --
Salmon River Ice Climbing

20 February 2010 --
Salmon River Ice Climbing

13 February 2010 --
Salmon River Ice Climbing

13 November 2009 --
SUOC visits Ithaca

11 October 2009 --
Rumney Fall Break Climbing

10 July 2009 --
High Peaks and Algonquin

6 June 2009 --
Blue Run Hiking/Climbing

24 April 2009 --
Little Falls Climbing

18 April 2009 --
Tree Climbing Practice

14 March 2009 --
Blue Run Rocks

8 March 2009 --
Hammond Hill Hike

8 February 2009 --
Ludlowville Falls Ice Bouldering

7 February 2009 --
Intermediate Ice Climbing
at Salmon River

31 January 2009 --
Intro/Intermediate Ice Climbing
at Salmon River

17 January 2009 --
Intro Ice Climbing
at Tinker's Falls

16 December 2008 --
More weekly meeting climbing

14 December 2008 --
Intro Winter Camping

9 December 2008 --
Climbing at our Weekly Meeting

2 November 2008 --
Late Season Tree Climbing

19 October 2008 --
Peterskill Climbing

10 October 2008 --
Adirondack Mountaineering
the Trap Dyke on Colden

5 October 2008 -- Kayaking in Lake Cayuga

14 August 2008 -- Perseid Meteor Shower Campout

15 July 2008 -- Climbing at the Weekly Meeting

7 July 2008 -- Intro Climbing Trip to Little Falls

24 June 2008 -- Strawberry Picking before our Weekly Meeting

8 June 2008 -- Intro Climbing at Little Falls

13 May 2008 -- Meeting with Bike clinic and climbing

10 May 2008 -- Spring Campout (with Smores!)

6 May 2008 -- Weekly Meeting in the Trees

27 April 2008 -- Intro Tree Climbing

19 April 2008 -- Intro Climbing Trip at Little Falls

1 April 2008 -- Salamander Mating Hunt

18 March 2008 -- Crevasse Rescue Clinic

1-2 March 2008 -- Ice climbing/winter camping in the Adirondacks

More Trips

        Random Album

Work shots at wind cave 2010

Work shots at wind cave 2010

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